Findings: Relationships of old and new, past and present

by Martinez-Lopez, Yamilet E.

Abstract (Summary)
Only with the language of the present can we get the past to speak. Sverre Fehn A poet doesnt produce a different language for each poem. Thats not necessary; he uses the same language, he uses even the same words. In music it is always the same instruments most of the time. I think that is the same in Architecture. Mies van der Rohe ...within this structure,... the elements keep one another in a state of equilibrium in accordance with fixed rules, and a language is a system in which the value of any one element depends on the simultaneous coexistence of all the others. Ferdinand Saussure The connection of one building to another can be seen through a universal architectural language. Buildings are structured through the use of this language. Architecture communicates thoughts and ideas through the elements of building. The architect may show us things very subtly or dramatically using this language. Light, wind, material, color, water, even a wall are only a few of the elements of architectural discourse. Like letters form words and words form sentences, architectural elements are placed in order from which a possible meaning derived. The relationships between elements tell stories of different kinds. Within the structure of the architectural language the elements remain the same; their configuration, however, changes to reveal new and different meanings. Configuration is various; the use of these elements link past to present. Language A. Structure 1. Syntactic 2. Semantic 3. Pragmatic B. Elements 1. Letter 2. Word Architecture A. Structure 1. Syntactic 2. Semantic 3. Pragmatic B. Elements 1. Materials 2. Columns, walls, roof, floor, light, etc.
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Advisor:William Brown; Heinrich Schnoedt; Jerome Niles; William Galloway; Michael O'Brien

School:Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

School Location:USA - Virginia

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:10/28/1998

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