Fidelidade de troquéis, confeccionados com dois gessos tipo IV, obtidos a partir de dois elastômeros, através de duas técnicas de moldagem

by Santos Porto, Carla Pereira

Abstract (Summary)
The present work aimed to evaluates the morfo-dimensional fidelity of die stones made with two type IV gypsum (Vel-Mix and Durone), with the aid of a customized device comprised of a usinated metallic crown that adapts with high precision to an original die, simulating this device a prepared tooth to receive a full crown. The die stones were obtained from molds of two silicone impression materials (one polyvinylsiloxane, Express, and one condensation silicone, Zetaplus / Orawash). Impression were obtained by either the putty-wash technique or by a single tooth acrylic tray. The impression materials were allowed to set in water at 37ºC. In both techniques, the thickness of the flowing paste was of 0.2 mm. Adaptation was verificaded from the respective die stone obtained from impression with the use of a depth microscope. After proper statistical analysis, the following conclusion could be drawn: 1) no influence was observed decived from the different gypsum material; 2) for the material Zetaplus / Oranwash, the single tooth acrylic tray impression technique resulted in better adaptation; 3) for Express the putty-wash technique molding resulted in better adaptation; 4) there were no statistycally significant differences between the two impression materials associated with the both techniques conditions aforementioned.
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Advisor:Cesar Antunes de Freitas; Cesar Antunes de Freitas; José Roberto Pereira Lauris; Marco Polo Marchese

School:Universidade de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords: troquéis


Date of Publication:02/22/2005

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