Festivalernas Intåg : Korröfestivalen – en bordunstämmas resa genom festivaliseringen

by Ludvigsson, Josefine

Abstract (Summary)
Title: Festivalernas Intåg – Korröfestivalen- en bordunstämmas resa genom festivaliseringenThe Korrö festival- The establishment of a Swedish Folk Music Festival.This thesis describes how folk music festivals have been escalating during the past few and how they have influenced Swedish folk music. To reach my results I have been studying one festival in particular which is the Korrö Folk Music Festival. This event started in the mid-eighties as a small happening that attracted almost exclusively musicians that were a part of the bordooon movement. The bordoon movement gathered a couple of days in the summer at what they called the “Korrö bordunstämma” to build instruments and play folk music. Later on the event started to attract other people through public live concerts. These concerts became more and more popular and they soon took over the original purpose of the event. This became a turning point for “Korrö bordunstämma” who now decided to change name to the Korrö Folk Music Festival. I have been studying the history of this event to see if I could find any particular circumstances that may have contributed to the popularity this event have reached over the years. I will illustrate how certain factors such as organisation, economy and alteration of visitors have affected the festival. This text will give the reader a presentation of a festival in constant change. I believe that The Korrö Folk Music Festival has been an important part of the development of modern Swedish folk music and still is.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:folk music festivals the korrö festival swedish musicology


Date of Publication:10/31/2008

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