Familias i empresas. La creación de casas rurales en el marco del turismo rural

by Aguilasocho Montoya, Dora

Abstract (Summary)
FAMILIES AND COMPANIES The Creation of rural houses within the framework of the rural tourism The explosion of rural lodgings leaves in the open a problem, the one of the women in rural means, who become a "problem" in the measurement in which they are not or they want to be of a way different from the traditional one. This "problem" has motivated incorporation of variable sort in creation of goods and services of tourism rural, since we try to catch the social factors that tie with the thematic one of creation of rural lodgings and if it puts in crisis the traditional models of feminine entailment to the agrarian operations, that is to say, the scheme of the man supplier and the woman centred in the domestic scope. Of there the interest which we have in focusing the creation of rural houses from a sort perspective, assuming that Capitalism makes use of the existing inequalities of sort and locates to the woman on guard subordinated at different levels from interaction between the social class and the sort. On the other hand, the rural houses it is necessary to locate them in the scope of the tourist consumption and that can be interpreted like a set of social practices and cultural that serves to establish differences between social groups. Our work of investigation is made up of an introduction and two parts, with the corresponding conclusions and bibliography. In the introduction, we expose the question and the objectives of the investigation, emphasizing, on the one hand, the theoretical relevance of the variable sort for the analysis of the creation of rural houses. Sort is a variable absentee in the analysis of the enterprise function. In the first part the theoretical frame is developed extensively approaching the tourist evolution and the debate on the sustainability and competitiveness of the tourist sector. A sector that supposes the development of the capacity to understand and to respond to the symbols that surround the modern consumption As well as, we approached the tie enterprise activity to the rural lodgings with the analysis of the theories of the sexual division of the work and the development of the enterprise activity. In this sense, the sexual division of the work explains that it is continued assuming that the domestic familiar work is work of women. This Asuncion reinforces the present social contract between the sorts. Finally the hypotheses, the strategy of the investigation, the dimensions are detailed and indicators. Next, in the second part, the analysis of the information successfully obtained in the work of field takes place. This second part has been organized in following the two blocks: 1) patrimonial creation of rural lodgings, strategies and sort; 2) the dimension of sort in the rural establishments and 3ra) the product: quality and experience of rural tourism.
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Advisor:Brunet Icart, Ignasi

School:Universitat Rovira i Virgili

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:departament de gestió d empresa


Date of Publication:11/24/2005

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