Faktorer som påverkar konsumenternas inköpsbeteende : en studie - Remarkable

by Huremovic, Eldijana

Abstract (Summary)
This thesis deals with consumer buying behaviour on consumer markets and which factors affect consumer’s decisions. The purpose is to find out and identify how the factors mentioned in the theory have an impact on consumers buying behaviour. With the help of these factors, it will also show what consumers appreciate about product, brands, and companies. The data that has been used is different types of secondary- and primary data. For the theory, secondary data was used while for the empiric study the primary data was mostly used. The secondary data was collected from books and the internet while the primary data was collected thought survey and telephone interview. The data from the survey was put together in a computer program and the results are shown under the empiric study in the form of tables and charts.The consumer is affected by many factors regarding their buying behaviour, both directly and indirectly. The specific factors are cultural, social, personal, and psychological factors. Even the results of the study show that the consumers’ buying behaviour is influenced by several factors. To which extent the consumer is affected depends also on the environment, influences in grown-up and who the person is as a person.The main findings of this thesis are that the study showed that younger people are more influenced by others than older and, that men and women demand the same things form the markets with some exceptions. It was also shown that it is important for the consumers that the companies pay attention to them and listens to their needs. The consumers also prefer to have a seller present when they make their decisions about products and need to ask about them. The recommendations from people that consumers know as well as sellers are important when choosing products. However, marketing does not have the same influence as recommendations from people that the consumers meet and have a dialog with. Because most of the people that were in the survey choose to purchase their product impulsively, it was shown that their is a big space that can be used to influence consumers buying behaviour by sellers and others. However, it is important that the sellers are competent, pleasant, and nice. The brands are associated with social status and are of great importance especially among younger people and then mostly men. Finally, with the help of the survey, it has also been shown that the chosen company has chosen a good marketing policy and has a good goal with the company and offer services that are demanded by the customers.
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School:Högskolan i Skövde

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:03/07/2008

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