Factors conditioning the development of a community forestry coalition in western Amazonia, Brazil [electronic resource] /

by Paniagua, Franklin.

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ABSTRACT: My study examines how forest communities might be linked to markets on their own terms, analyzing particularly the development of a community forestry coalition in western Amazonia, Brazil. I built on growing interest in pro-grassroots coalitions that integrate organized communities, NGOs, government and international agencies as a strategy to successfully link communities to markets. I used a multi-layered assessment that integrates internal, external, and design factors conditioning the development of a coalition among a set of four community timber projects from the states of Acre and Rondo circumflexnia, in the Brazilian Amazon region. Developing a second-degree organization (such as the coalition) represents a self-organized response to the social and organizational challenges of executing community timber extraction projects. A major challenge was to try to meet market demands while responding to local social and political constraints. The coalition followed an NGO-project pattern instead of a collaborative organization pattern, creating a gap between the original idea of the coalition and the actual process. My findings support the need to re-adjust the role that social learning plays in building an autonomous alliance among community forestry projects, and contributes to the development of instruments for analyzing collaborative organizational innovations. Because this coalition was still at a very early stage compared to cases in other regions, such as southern Mexico\U+2019\s Sociedad de Ejidos, it is still difficult to know whether the coalition is a secure structure for equitable market integration.
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