Factors associated with bulimia nervosa and their relationships with bulimic symptoms, examining the role of the Family Environment factor

by Cohen, Deborah

Abstract (Summary)
This study integrated a lisr of risk factors for bulirnia nervosa into major risk factor categories and then examined the relationships between the risk factor groups and bulimic symptomato iogy. NineƮy-two women with buiimia nervosa participated in this study by providing inhnnation about their exposure to a variety risk factors over the course of their Iifetimes. A confirmatory factor analysis suggested that three risk factor classes better descnbed the data than two factor classes- The three factor classes identified were the General Psychiatric factor, the Dieting and Obesity factor, and the Family Environment factor. A series of regression analyses reveded that only the General Psychiatric factor - and the Dieting and Obesity factor significantly predicted bulimic symptomatology. The Family Environment factor was found to be a suppressor variable, which suggested it was indirectly affecting bulimic symptomatologythrough the other &O factors. A path analysis that examined the direct and indirect ef5ects of the Family Environment factor on bulimic symptomatology , confirmed this finding. .-. tll Acknowf edments To my huband Michael: Your love and support made this dream possible.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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