Fackligt jämställdhets- och mångfaldsarbete externt och internt

by Siegfelt, Malin

Abstract (Summary)
This essay is about HTFs and Sifs work with equality and diversity. How they as trade unions are to be considered role models with the possibility to influence society. The essay's aim is that from a gender science perspective, to examine and give examples on how the above associations work with equality and diversity and how they handle their role as a model - both internally against the employee and externally against members. Which examples on differences are there between what is said and what is done? What is the aim of the work? What do the concepts of equality and diversity stand for, and which attitudes exist? Which examples are there of differences between the unions’ way of working with questions regarding equality and diversity? The essay is edified around the thought that the organization and its members recreate thoughts about gender and diversity, also that the equality concept is a power order in itself. The survey is based on a questionnaire survey and qualitative in depth interviews as well as policy documents. The material has been analysed with the aid of narrative analyses. The result of the survey shows that although those interviewed see the unions as a role model within the areas equality and diversity, there is a gap between theory and experience - in how the unions want to act upon these questions with what they do to address them. Equality is considered to be a question for women only whilst diversity is considered more difficult to define. The work with these questions does not have either the same weight or status that other trade union questions have. Although the trade union organisations have taken on themselves to be role models when it comes to equality and diversity it can be established that there is considerably more to do.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:genus etnicitet fackföreningar jämställdhet mångfald arbete gender trade unions equality diversity work


Date of Publication:01/28/2008

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