Explorations of social capital and physical activity participation among adults on Christmas Island

by Lee, Poh Chin

Abstract (Summary)
[Truncated abstract] This research investigates social capital within the everyday space and actions of sociability on Christmas Island. The theory of social capital as proposed by Robert Putnam (1995) provides the framework for this investigation which was conducted in two phases. Quantitative and qualitative approaches and a mixed methods concurrent nested strategy were used in both phases of the investigation and the analyses. The analyses also incorporated multiple perspectives of both social capital and physical activity processes. In the first phase, I sought to: (a) uncover the determinants of social capital within the Christmas Island community; (b) develop a social capital typology; and (c) establish the relationship between the determinants of social capital and adults’ physical activity involvement. In all, 212 participants took part in the study . . . Overall, several factors affected women’s social capital and physical activity. These included: (a) women’s societal roles and positions; (b) household and cultural norms relating to gender-based time and space negotiations; (c) ideologies surrounding ethic of care; and (d) role commitment. These factors also influenced women’s recruitment into becoming active in their community. Network embeddedness and autonomy, assimilation and acculturation as well as language and knowledge competency further distinguished the community and physical activity status of European and Asian women. Analysis related to the two physical activity programmes in part 3 showed how various forms of latent social capital within the community can be synergized to produce physical activity benefits and empower inactive and minority-group women. Findings in this study also support trust as an important element in the establishment of relatedness in a physical activity setting.
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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:interpersonal relations infrastructure economics trust human capital christmas island indian ocean social conditions


Date of Publication:01/01/2007

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