Experiments on a one-dimensional Bose gas Thomas Fermi to Tonks-Girardeau /

by Wenger, Trevor.

Abstract (Summary)
A set of experiments was performed on a one-dimensional Bose gas system. A 3D Bose-Einstein condensate of 87Rb atoms was formed in an all-optical trap. The BEC was then loaded into a 2D optical lattice that consists of an array of parallel 1D tubes. Measurements of the energy, cloud size, and local pair correlation function probe the properties of the gas from the weak coupling to strong coupling (Tonks-Girardeau) limit. The characteristic property of fermionization of the wave functions was observed in the TG limit. Another experiment was done to probe the nature on non-equilibrium 1D Bose gases. This integrable system, when placed in a non-equilibrium momentum distribution, was found not to thermalize on the time scale of our experiment (hundreds of trap oscillations or thousands of collisions). This is in stark contrast to the 3D case, which thermalizes on the order of 3 trap oscillations. iii
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School:Pennsylvania State University

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