Examining the handbooks on environmental journalism [electronic resource] : a qualitative document analysis and response to the literature /

by Rademakers, Lisa.

Abstract (Summary)
ABSTRACT: This thesis addressed the question, "How should journalists cover the environment, according to the conversation between the scholarship on environmental journalism and the handbooks on environmental journalism?" Do the handbooks, written for practicing journalists, agree with the academic scholarship on environmental journalism? The conversation between the literature and handbooks is important to examine, as the handbooks are tools journalists may use when reporting on the environment. The handbooks could influence a journalist, who influences the public, who make decisions in a democracy. As well, examining the conversation between the literature and the handbooks reveals whether or not the academy and the practice agree on how to respond to the criticisms and challenges of environmental journalism. Do they offer the same tips for improvement? First, an extensive literature review on environmental journalism revealed the criticisms, challenges, and tips to improve.
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School:University of South Florida

School Location:USA - Florida

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:media guide risk communication science journalism environmental journalist


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