Evaluation of tissue response due to different fixation materials in autogenous bone grafts: microscopic morphological analysis

by Matsumoto, Mariza Akemi

Abstract (Summary)
Autogenous bone grafts have been largely used for the reconstruction of severely atrophic ridges. The fixation of these grafts plays an important role in bone graft repair, leading to the integration to the receptor bed and early revascularization. Resorbable plates and screws are being developed in an attempt to minimize some negative aspects of the metallic devices routinely used in this procedure. The present work evaluated comparatively local bone conditions of autogenous grafts retrieved from the chin, in contact with polyglicolic / poly (L-lactic) acid and titanium screws. Seven patients presenting severe maxillary atrophy, unabling rehabilitation with endosseous implants, participated in this study. After four months of the grafting, the regions containing the test screws were biopsied using trephine bur, the specimens retrieved undergone histological routine procedures, and stained with HE and Mallory Trichromic to be morphologically evaluated under light microscopy. From this analysis, viable bone tissue was noted around the titanium screws, eventually presenting lining cells with no signs of resorption. Around the resorbable screws, viable bone tissue was also observed, although, presenting a thick layer of connective tissue interposed between the screw and the bone, and eventual foreign body giant cells. These results suggest that both fixation method provided good condition of local repair, however, the resorbable screws induced a longer inflammatory phase than the titanium screws, characterized by foreign body reaction.
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Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Luis Antonio de Assis Taveira; Alberto Consolaro; Roberto Yoshio Kawakami; Hugo Nary Filho; Márcio Giampietro Sanches; Luis Antonio de Assis Taveira

School:Universidade de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:análise morfológica enxerto ósseo microscopia


Date of Publication:05/15/2003

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