Evaluation of single molecule diodes fabricated via electron-beam lithography and metal-organic frameworks incorporating two novel ligands, a trigonal planar carboxylate ligand and a tetrahedral tetrazolate-based ligand

by Urig, Christina Suzanne.

Abstract (Summary)
EVALUATION OF SINGLE MOLECULE DIODES FABRICATED VIA ELECTRON- BEAM LITHOGRAPHY AND METAL-ORGANIC FRAMEWORKS INCORPORATING TWO NOVEL LIGANDS, A TRIGONAL PLANAR CARBOXYLATE LIGAND AND A TETRAHEDRAL TETRAZOLATE-BASED LIGAND By Christina Suzanne Urig The first chapter of this thesis reports the e-beam lithography process, including procedure, instrumentation, sample preparation, appropriate dosage and final parameters of electrode writing done at the University of Cincinnati. The second chapter shows the synthetic strategies of di/trimetal molecules for potential use in molecular electronics on the fabricated electrodes conducted at Miami University. The final two chapters deal with the synthesis, characterization, and potential applications of metal-organic frameworks that incorporate two novel ligands: a trigonal planar carboxylate ligand and a tetrahedral tetrazolate-based ligand.
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School:Miami University

School Location:USA - Ohio

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:paddlewheel complexes metal organic frameworks carboxylate ligand tetrazolate based lithography electron beam molecular electronics organometallic compounds


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