Evaluation of roaming and download times in universal cellular/wireless LAN systems

by Wei, YingRao

Abstract (Summary)
Evaluatioa of Roaming and Downioad Times in Universal Cellular /Wireless LAN Systems . YingRao Wei The growing demand for wireless access has led to the emergence of al! kinds of standards for wireless communication, each of which has its own special requirements. The future transceiver equiprnent of mobile station (MS) should support the operation of these systems from the viewpoint of system compatibility. In this case, multi-mode, multi-band operation is required for user's convenience. Moreover, realization of small size and low power consumption handy terminais is necessary. These are the trends that have led to continued discussion about software radios (aiso calIed software defined radio, SDR). SDR is emerging as a potential programmatic sohtion: a software irnplementation of the user terminal which able to reconfigure such terminal to suit the changing radio environment as for example in the case of global roaming. There are a great number of international organizations and forums for software defined radios around the world. In this thesis, a generalized state diagram of a SDR reconfigurable, multi-mode mobile station that could roamhandoff between different wireless systems is developed. A detailed description of the power-up, roaming and downioad operation for this reconfigurable MS is presented. Furthemore, its roaming connection establishment acquisition time in different scenarios is evduated. Specifically, the relationships between the roaming acquisition time and system resource blocking probobili~, mobile station resource blocking probabifity, packet successful transmission probabiliry over wirefess chnnnel and sig~ling bit rate over the universal base station cliannef in different cases and design scenarios are analyzed. Such evaluations are important for pnor design of SDR mobile terminal and universai base station in global roaming situations.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2001

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