Evaluation of dental ceramics regarding tensile bond strength to dentin, Knoop and Vickers? microhardness, surface roughness and atomic force microscopy

by Martuci, Ricardo Ruiz

Abstract (Summary)
Four ceramics (VMK 95, Omega 900, IPS d.Sign and Cergogold) were tested regarding: 1) tensile bond strength to human dentin of ceramic cones (6 x 3 x 5mm), cemented with zinc phosphate, and resin cements, Rely X and Panávia F (n=10); 2) roughness by means of parameters Ra, Rt, Ry, Rz and Rp, of HF (10%) surface treated and polished surfaces (n=10); 3) Knoop and Vickers hardness (n=4); 4) atomic force microscopy; only of polished surfaces (n=5). Data were analyzed by ANOVA and when necessary were used Tukey?s tests. Tensile bond strength with zinc phosphate cement and Ra roughness parameter were analyzed separately because of their low variances when compared with those of resin cements and the other roughness parameter. Results showed that tensile bond strength of zinc phosphate was very low (1.61 to 2.91MPa) in this test condition (tensile test). Resin cements presented tensile bond strength at range 16.61 to 18.47MPa. Cement Rely X presented lower strength, but it depends also of ceramic. HF (10%) treated surfaces presented much higher roughness than polished ones. In HF (10%) treated surfaces parameter Ra ranged from 2.15 to 4.26µm and the other parameter ranged from 10.99 to 21.93µm. Roughness of polished surfaces Ra ranged from 0.53 to 0.84µm. Range of the other parameter was from 2.01 to 5.23µm. Knoop hardness ranged from 418.9 to 493.8 kgf/mm2 and Vicker?s from 492.5 to 572.2 kgf/mm2. This type presented higher values. Atomic force microscopy permited good vision of surface irregularities. Main conclusions were: zinc phosphate cement at test conditions (tensile) presented low bond strength; resin cements presented high tensile bond strength; surface treatment with HF (10%) led to high roughness but in polished one it was low; Vicker?s hardness presented higher values than Knoop one.
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Advisor:Antonio Muench; Eduardo Bellini Ferreira; Estevao Tomomitsu Kimpara; Antonio Muench; Leonardo Eloy Rodrigues Filho; Mário Alexandre Coelho Sinhoreti

School:Universidade de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords: Bond strength Dental ceramics Surface roughness AFM Tensile test


Date of Publication:06/01/2006

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