Evaluation of 72 h Cosynch and 5 or 7 d post-AI gonadotropin releasing hormone on first service pregnancy rate in lactating dairy cows

by Mink, Matthew Ryan

Abstract (Summary)
Two studies were conducted to evaluate the effects of 5 or 7 d post-AI GnRH on first service PR, plasma P4, and CL volume in lactating dairy cows synchronized using 72 h Cosynch. All cows were synchronized and randomly assigned to one of three treatment groups: Control â no additional GnRH; 5 d â GnRH 5 d after TAI; 7 d â GnRH 7 d after TAI. In the first study, P4 concentrations were evaluated in samples collected at five separate times and CL volume and number were recorded at 30 d pregnancy examination for Holstein (n = 77) and Jersey (n = 33) cows. GnRH treatment did not affect PR (Control - 47.2%, 5 d GnRH - 40.5%, 7 d GnRH â 44.7%) or P4, but increased TCLV compared to controls (Control â 7.33 cm3, 5 and 7 d GnRH â 10.77 cm3). Incidence of accessory CL increased PR (94.7 vs. 60.6%), P4 (6.95 vs. 5.88 ng/mL), and TCLV (15.51 vs. 6.78 cm3) compared to cows with a spontaneous CL. Cows classified as cycling based on P4 evaluation had significantly higher PR than acyclic cows (54.4 vs. 16.1%). In the second study, Holstein cows (n = 1055) were submitted to the same experimental protocol and evaluated for first service PR. Post-AI GnRH treatment did not significantly affect PR. Primiparous cows (32.8%) tended to have higher PR than multiparous cows (27.6%), but GnRH treatment had no influence on this relationship. In conclusion, GnRH post-AI did not affect PR. Further evaluation of accessory CL incidence is warranted as it significantly affected PR. (Abbreviations: AI â artificial insemination, CL â corpus luteum, PR â conception rate, P4 â progesterone, TCLV â total corpus luteum volume)
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Advisor:Raymond L. Nebel; Ramanathan Kasimanickam; Ronald E. Pearson

School:Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

School Location:USA - Virginia

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:dairy science


Date of Publication:06/12/2006

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