"Eu já sou grande!" :um estudo sobre o remanejamento da criança na creche

by Pinto Michelli, Cláudia Regina

Abstract (Summary)
This research, link at line research Processos e Métodos Pedagógico-didáticos, have like object the management of the child to another groups in creche environment and, like objectives, understand the origin of the practician of the management of the child to another groups, analyse the logician of this practician, and the speech of the children and educators in this process. Have objectives also like identify, from on conceptual analyse, the theoretical foudation that sustain the practician of the management. The management of the child mention at removal of group when it hit a determined chronological age. So, children that begin yours routine in the creche at four month are manages at Maternal I when its have one year and six months; children that frequentthe Maternal I are manages to the Maternal II when its have three years. The reference used to the manage is the birthday of the child, or your chronological age. Realized in a creche in a city in the Vale do Itajaí of the Santa Catarina State of the Brazil, this research, of qualitative treatment,used like instruments of collect data the observation and the interview used for six educators of the Maternal I; five educators of the Maternal II; ten children manage from Maternal I to Maternal II; the mothers of this children; the Secretary of City Hall for Education; the general coordinator of the infantile education nucleos; and the coordinator of the institution in the place of the research. The analyse of the data showed that the manage follow a routine of many years,been understood by educators and by responsible persons by administration for education of the city, like a natural process, associated at development in stage or phase of the life of child. Showed, also, that the adult is the center of the decisions, and that the child is understood like one to become. The interviews with the children to made evident the repetition of the words and idea of the adults, and the observations revealed that, in the pratical, the crildren organize themselves of differents manners to trick the norm of are manage and try make the space yours in the institution
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Advisor:Maria da Conceição Lima de Andrade; Julianne Fischer; Eloisa Acires Candal Rocha

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:child manage


Date of Publication:07/03/2006

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