Etikens plats bland fonder

by Andersson, Lisa

Abstract (Summary)
Background and problem: Lately one can observe that the investment in ethical funds has become as a sort of a trend. Compared to the middle of the 1990s today the number of ethical funds has increased by ten times, although that the ethical funds are not as ethical as they pretend to be. The conception “ethical funds” is not as apparent as one would like, which is why it has to be determined by the individual in each case. Advertisement on funds can today be seen in all kind of media and it turns to many individuals that have not previously invested in shares nor in funds. Many new funds and market forums have arisen and many individuals are choosing part of their retirement fund to make investments in funds due to the changing in the system of the Swedish pension insurance (premipensionssystemet). However, one could raise the question whether the concept “ethical”, regarding its subjective sense, should be used in advertisement. That is why it is outmost crucial that management companies provide clear and unambiguous information about the criteria of the funds that makes the ethical.Purpose: This essay intend to study the direction of the place invest of the ethical funds and furthermore the significance of an ethical fund. In addition to the above mentioned, this essay will examine the advertisement of the ethical funds in order to perceive if the rules and regulations of marketing have been appropriately applied, according to Swedish law.Method: The essay consists of chosen general theories, legal rules and regulations, case law and prior studies in this domain. In complement of interviews it shall be plausible to draw new conclusions. The two questions, in the purpose above, have been produced during the work with this essay. The information from the interviews will be used to answer the first framing of the question. The latter question, which deals with marketing and Swedish regulation, will be answered by the study of the advertisement campaigns on the ethical funds.Conclusions: One could come to the conclusion that there are fundamental criteria of an ethical fund, and these criteria are the international values, exclusive criteria and dynamic influence. However the meaning of an ethical fund is rather depending on the implication of the phrase ethics, which there is not a distinguished definition on. Accordingly the reasonable conclusion would be that an ethical fund is only ethical if it is satisfactory to the values of ethics of each investor. Regarding the advertisement only nine ads were found. Surprisingly the advertisement on ethical funds does not reach the standards of the Swedish marketing law and regulations.
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School:Södertörns högskola

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:02/21/2007

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