Estudo da viabilidade técnico-científica da produção de biodiesel a partir de resíduos gordurosos

by Feller, Elisiane Wust

Abstract (Summary)
Fatty residues, from fatty boxes, have slow microbiologicaldegradation and their disposal in land fills are an impor t a n tenvironmental problem. The Departament of Chemical Engineering at Universidade Regional de Blumenau has developed studies to discover a way to desemulsifier and to make environmental friendly use of these residues. In this dissertation , it has been studied a possiblity to obtain biodiesel from these residues. This study has started with the characterization of the desemulsified residues with special attention on their composition in fatty acids, level of moisture and free fatty acids. The maincharacteristic of these residues is the high level of free fatty acids from degradation of the molecule of triglyceride. After the characterization, it has been evaluated procedures to obtain esters from fatty acids. These procedures were studied using the following reactions: transesterification with alkaline and acid catalysis and esterification with acid catalysis. The procedures using alkaline catalysis were not suitable and because of this it has been evaluated the procedures using acid catalyses. These reactions were studied using d i f f e r ent conditions of temperature and pressure, and the yields were estimated about 80%.
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Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Henry França Meier; Maria Regina Wolf Maciel; Marcos Rivail da Silva; António André Chivanga Barros

School:Universidade Regional de Blumenau

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Transesterificação, Esterificação Desemulsificação Transesterification Esterification Fatty Residues Desemulsification


Date of Publication:08/11/2004

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