Estudo comparativo de concretos com agregado graúdo reciclado de telha cerâmica e agregado graúdo natural

by Fonseca, Adriana Pinheiro

Abstract (Summary)
The generation of residues and its consequent, correlated impacts has been a concern andhas mobilized the technico-scientific field in the search for solutions seeking to makeproductive activities sustainable. In the productive chain of civil construction the segmentof tile production from red ceramics generates residues with no appropriate destination andwhich, in turn, produces losses to the industry, the public administration and the society. Adiagnosis of these residues shows that the generated amount is significant, however there ispotential for recycling it in civil construction, which should be investigated. This workreports on both the production of reference concrete with natural aggregates and concretewith partial and total replacement of the large aggregate by the recycled aggregate ofceramic tiles. The recycled aggregate presents significant differences regarding the basalticlarge aggregate that was used, with much lower apparent specific mass and much higherabsorption of water. The concrete thus produced was compared in the fresh state,controlling for the reduction of the cone log. It was verified that the consumption of waterfor production of the concrete with recycled aggregate is higher and that it is dependent onthe rate of aggregate water absorption. Also, the effective water/cement relation isuncertain. The properties of the hardened state: resistance to compression, resistance totraction, and module of elasticity were also comparatively evaluated. The concrete, withrecycled aggregate, presented lower mechanical resistance than the reference concrete.Maintaining the cement consumption and constant workability, the mechanical resistancewas superior when using a plasticizer addictive. The same occurred when the water/cementrelationship was kept constant with higher cement consumption.
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Advisor:Turibio José da Silva; João Fernando Dias; Abdias Magalhães Gomes

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Ceramics residue Recycled aggregate of tiles Concrete with recycled


Date of Publication:10/04/2006

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