Estudio del coste de la esclerosis múltiple en el Baix Llobregat. Análisis en función de la discapacidad.

by Casado Ruiz, Virginia

Abstract (Summary)
SUMMARY: "STUDY OF COST OF MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS IN BAIX LLOBREGAT (BARCELONA, SPAIN). ANALYSIS ACCORDING TO DISABILITY". TEXT: Multiple sclerosis (MS) is the most frequent chronic illness of the central nervous system (52-79 cases/100000inhabitants in Europe). It is the first cause of not traumatic disability in the young adults. Inflammation, axonal damage, degeneration and demyelination occur along this illness, of unknown etiology, variable clinical course, complex diagnosis and without cure nowadays. MS supposes therefore an important cost for the patient, society and sanitary system, still unknown in our country. The aim of this study is to establish the structure of costs of MS, from a societal perspective, in the 5 clinical disability stages - nondisabled, minor, moderate, severe and very severe disability- possible along the course of MS, and in the case of a relapse of MS. Anonimous data from patients controlled at MS Unit (University Hospital of Bellvitge, Barcelona) were analysed. Data were obtained from questionnaires for patients and caregivers, hospital charts and files, clinical databases, and published sources for unit costs, applying sensitivity analysis when required. Patients were included prospectively, consecutively, from 1-8-2001 to 1-8-2002. A prevalence approach and standardized methods human capital, cost-of-illness, replacement- were employed to calculate direct, indirect and intangible costs. Ethical Committee of the University Hospital of Bellvitge approved the whole work. Costs (euros/patient/year) resulted, in the 5 disability stages: 1779, 12128, 13919, 23112 and 32950 euros in direct costs, due mainly to immunomodulatory treatment in early MS, but to informal care in advanced stages; 5621, 6616, 9506, 17161 and 15779 euros in indirect costs, predominantly due to changes in patients work status; and 0, 1100, 8250, 9900 and 11000 euros in intangible costs. Average total cost of MS resulted 23989 euros/patient/year (from 7400 to 59729). Total minimum cost of a relapse supposed 3587 euros/patient/relapse. We conclude that the economic impact of MS in our population rise with disability progression, direct costs dominating indirect costs; during relapses, direct and indirect costs contribute similarly; and that intangible costs are relevant in MS. These results can be useful not only for clinicians but also for decision-makers: the knowledge of real costs of MS becomes essential to achieve optimization of resources available in our society.
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Advisor:Arbizu Urdiain, Txomin

School:Universitat de Barcelona

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:ciències clíniques


Date of Publication:03/10/2008

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