Estudio de seguimiento a escolares preadolescentes con alteraciones de la conducta alimentaria:evolución del estado nutricional e implicacion del polimorfismo val66met del gen bdnf

by Ferrer Barcala, Marta

Abstract (Summary)
Introduction Eating Disorders (ED) are mental diseases of great social relevance due to the gravity of the sintomatología and the difficulties in the treatment. In nonclinical population a high percentage of altered eating conducts exists, considered of risk, that could worsen becoming to ED. For that reason it is important to know the factors that are related to the evolution of these conducts and coverall the implication of this evolution on the nutricional state, in a period of growth and mental maturity.Aim To analyze the food consumption, the corporal development, the physical activity, the psychological characteristics and polymorphism G196A (Val66Met) of gene BDNF according to the evolution of the TCA risk from the preadolescence to the adolescence in both sexes. Methods We performed two-year longitudinal epidemiological study in schoolchildren of both genders of the city of Tarragona, structured in an initial phase of sifting and one of follow-up of the subjects selected like cases (subject at risk of ED) and controls, divided in two times: preadolescence (T1) and adolescence (T2). In both times it was assessment individually: the corporal composition, the anthropometry, the quantitative food consumption, the diagnosis of ED and the genetic polymorphism. The physical activity, the puberal stage, the socioeconomic level, the corporal satisfaction and the associate psychopathology were assessment with questionnaires.Conclusions :Feminine sex is a factor of risk in the maintenance of the ED. In its preadolescence they present a more advanced puberal development next to BMI a high one. This causes an nourishing change and progressive a power restriction that leads to a nutricional risk, independently of which the ED risk is solved. The ED risk stays when psychological aspects like the corporal dissatisfaction and the emotional alterations are added in the adolescence. The women with maintenance of risk of ED that have the polymorphism are the most vulnerable group to the power restriction in the adolescence.
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Advisor: Canals Sans ,Josepa; Arija Val,Victoria

School:Universitat Rovira i Virgili

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

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Date of Publication:10/31/2008

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