Estudio de la influencia de la relación entre los problemas, el conocimiento previo del sujeto y la instrucción sobre el transfer en ciencias

by Valenzuela Escriche, Tomás

Abstract (Summary)
SUMMARY The aim of this research is to analyse the transfer of mathematical learning on to physics in problem solving in secondary education. This paper is divided into two distinctive parts, namely theory and experimentation. Two key issues are analysed in the first section: problem solving in Science Education and the study of transfer in solving word problems. The second section includes three experiments within the secondary education framework. Experiment 1 included 83 students. Mathematical tools did not prove to be the origin of failure in the mathematics - physics / chemistry transfer as far as problem solving is concerned. Experiment 2 consisted of 2 groups: the control one included 71 subjects and the experimental one 78 individuals. Subjects in the experimental group were explicitly instructed on analogical transfer strategies and then compared to the controls. To that end, Reed's structure mapping module was used. The treatment proved more successful in establishing an analogical link between base and target problems, which helped us improve the construction of the situational model. Finally, Experiment 3 included a sample of 40 subjects from the control group and 34 from the experimental one. In the instruction of the experimental group, analogical links were explicitly established between the base problem and the target problem, as was the case in Experiment 2. In addition, the word generalisation and translation processes of the problems were formulated as algebraic expressions. This was done using a model proposed by Luis Puig. The treatment observed by the experimental group led to higher success in algebra problem solving in Physics and Chemistry. As a consequence, improvement was achieved in the construction of the problem model or mathematical model.
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Advisor:Fortes del Valle, Mª Carmen; Sanjosé López, Vicente

School:Universitat de València

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:didàctica de les ciències experimentals i socials


Date of Publication:10/18/2003

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