Estudi de la freqüència del deteriorament cognoscitiu (DC) a catalunya i paper predictor del deteriorament cognoscitiu. 1ª fase de l'estudi CUIDA'L

by Limón Ramírez, Esther

Abstract (Summary)
SUMMARY: "Study of the freqüency of cognitive impairment (CI) in Catalonia and prediction role of cognitive impairment. First Phase of Cuidal study" TEXT: OBJECTIVE. To know the role of CI in dementia appearance in a population of people older than 64 years, from 54 Primary Care teams all arround Catalonia according to presence or absence of CI. DESIGN: Retrospective cohort study SETTING: Primary Care PARTICIPANTS: 712 patients divided into two cohorts according to presence or absence of CI. MEASUREMENTS: Result Variables: Dementia, death, institutionalisation, home care, stroke and times until these events. Number of visits to physician and nurse. Explicative variables: CI, age, sex, educational level, primary care team, cardiovascular risk factors, previous cardiovascular diseases, diseases related to dementia, and other chronic diseases Survival analysis. Signification level 5%. Statistical software: Stata 9.1. MAIN RESULTS: 72 patients adquired dementia (66 with previous CI, 6 without (Chi quadrat 66,47; P<0,000). Global density of incidence of dementia: 38,14 (CI 95%: 30,27-48,05) 1000 persons-year. The presence of CI (HR time-changing: 3,53 at 4 years of follow-up) and age HR 2,59; CI 95%1,62-4,14 and P<0,001 for older than 80 years explain the diagnosis of dementia). CI is explains mortality, institutionalisation, and home care. But has no role on stroke and sanitary services use. CONCLUSIONS: CI has a role on dementia (HR time-changing), death (HR=1,86), institutionalisation (HR=4,99) and home care (HR=1,87). KEY WORDS: Cognitive impairment, prediction role, dementia, primary care
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Advisor:Gené Badia, Joan; Argimón Pallàs, Josep Maria

School:Universitat de Barcelona

School Location:Spain

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:salut pública


Date of Publication:04/03/2009

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