Equilibrio liquido-vapor dos sistemas n-butanol : dimetilmalonato ou dietilmalonato as pressões de 100 e 200mmHg

by Ultchak, Flaviana Salles

Abstract (Summary)
Phase equilibrium data are useful in the project and optimization of process that inc1udes phases separation, such as distillation and extraction. Malonates are organic substances that participate as an important intennediate in production reactions, like as ink, pharmaceuticals, pesticides and ftagrances. However their properties are rare in scientific literature. In this work the isobaric curves ofvapor-liquid equilibrium were measured for three systems: (I) dimethyl malonate+l-butanol at 100 mmHg, (2) dimethyl malonate+l-butanol at 200 mmHg and (3) diethyl malonate+l-butanol at 200 mmHg. Each system was measured by means of an ebuliometer with phase circulation (NORMAG). The liquid and vapor phase concentration was obtained by gaseous chromatography. A chemical reaction was verified during the experiments, but it didn't impede the work development. The thermodynamic consistency of the data was tested using the van Ness-Fredenslund method (1977) and the binary interaction parameters ofthe activity coefficient for the WILSON, UNIQUAC and NRTL models were calculated by the Maximum Likelihood Method in agreement with Stragevitch (1997). However a reaction inside of the equipment occurred during the experimental measurements, the results were considered consistent in agreement with the adopted rules in this work, but was verified that the data quality was impaired by chemical reaction with the increase ofmolar ftaction ofthe malonate, after 0,5
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Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Maria Alvina Krahenbuhl; Maria Alvina Krahenbuhl [Orientador]; Maria Angela Almeida Meireles; Gustavo Paim Valença

School:Universidade Estadual de Campinas

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Butanol Diethyl-Dimethyl Malonates Liquid-Vapor equilibrium Ebuliometer


Date of Publication:04/06/2000

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