Environmental Aspects Review : A Case Study of Two Sawmills in Etsako-West, Edo State Nigeria

by Anavberokhai, Isah O.

Abstract (Summary)
The forests are essential for healthy environment. Trees which are part of theforest help to stabilize the forest soil, improve soil fertility, reduce the velocity ofwind, protect watershed and reduce the amount of carbon released into theatmosphere. Many industries use trees as raw materials and in most cases impactthe environment, but there are great differences in the impact they make. There isa need therefore to continually evaluate the operational activities of theseindustries to ensure that the environment is protected. The use of environmentalmanagement systems like ISO and EMAS standards has helped in the evaluationof organizations and industries.In this thesis, two sawmills Iretunde and Irepodun in Etsako-West localgovernment area Edo state Nigeria were evaluated with the aim to determine theiroperational activities and how the environment is being affected by them. Subaimswere to determine the most significant environmental aspects of the sawmilland their organizational structure. In actualizing the aim of this thesis, literaturereview, site investigation as well as oral interview of the staff and management ofboth sawmills were conducted. In the evaluation of the environmental aspects, thedetailed method of environmental impact evaluation by Ammenberg (2004) wasused were each environmental aspect that was weighted against nine identifiedcriteria.The result obtained from the environmental aspect evaluation of both sawmillsshows that the use of raw materials and emissions to air are the most significantenvironmental aspects. In conclusion, it was observed that the both sawmills arewell structured and carry out their operational activities effectively. Neither ofthem has registered under any environmental management system but there is aneed for them to do so in order to help check their operational activities in order toreduce their environmental impact.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

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Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:environmental review aspects iso14001 sawmills emas nigeria


Date of Publication:09/24/2008

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