Entry Mode Strategies for ire in to the Polish Market : A Case Study of ire Möbel AB

by Johansson, Christopher; Ingvarsson, Carl-Johan; Spak, Fredrik

Abstract (Summary)
Background: In today’s business environment it is important to find new customers. An action that has been widely used is to enter foreignmarkets. Most firms are always seeking to maximize their profits,which can be achieved if an entry into a foreign market is performed.Due the European Union (EU), new economies open theirborders for international trade and foreign investments. In 2004 Poland received membership. Even though Poland may be a countrywith potentials, there are aspects that the firm has to take into consideration in a potential market entry. Among these are market related and firm related factors.Purpose: The purpose of this thesis is to evaluate the important factors related to the firm and the market in order to present feasible entry mode(s) which ire can use in a potential entry into the Polish market.Method: The authors have conducted a case study of ire Möbel AB. A qualitative method approach has been used to fulfill the purpose of the thesis. Semi-structured telephone interviews have been used for the empirical findings. The authors want to attain convincing and indepth information in the field of interest, therefore three firm related interviews and three market related interviews have beenconducted to obtain valid and reliable empirical results.Conclusion: The case study has led to conclusions on how ire could enter the polish market. ire’s needs and resources have been comparedto the Polish market factors and analyzed for pros and cons.The mode that is currently used on ire’s other markets, exporting, isworking very well. Equity joint ventures have a three year tax reliefbut are still considered a quite expensive mode of entry. Other entrymodes could be successful, but ire’s size and resources limitsthe modes available. The thesis has come to the conclusion thatexporting and/or equity joint ventures are the modes of entry mostappropriate for ire.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:internationalization process entry modes


Date of Publication:10/10/2007

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