Entre evas e humanos: uma abordagem da relação homem-máquina através da animação japonesa néon genesis evangelion

by Lopes, Danielly Amatte

Abstract (Summary)
In a brief examination of contemporary productions about the most diverse subjects we identified the role of the image at the end of 20th century Identified by many studious as a society that constructed great part of its symbolic universe through the information supplied by the means of mass culture specially those that present visual as data the contemporary occidental society passes through a process which the image has an accurate importance in the way to interpret and to organize concepts and dogmas Parallelly to this supervalorization of the image we identify in this period a great number of new technological and scientific discoveries This techonological and scientific development in the last 50 years of the 20th century has such a dimension that modified and reorganized a lot of conceptions and relations. This development did not modify only the technological apparatuses around us but also the relation that man established with them This narrowing of the man-machine relation is portrayed by many different languages giving an idea about how this man interprets this new type of relation and the questions rised by it Practically all the languages admit the representation and the discussion about man and machine mentioning the possibility of hybridization the sprouting of trans-biological creatures (natural environment artificial environment) the loss of the human domain on the machine and the way the absorption of these new ways to think the human being can influence this man-machine relationConsidering this this study aims at through an audio-visual production setting the problem and identifying these discussions and questions that appeared at a time when the relation between technology and human being got a new dimension Using the production of one of the greatest phenomenon of the popular culture in the world the aminé we based on Néon Genesis Evangelion to get elements that could give visually support to this discussion It is about a TV serial produced in Japan in the 1990 that has in its 26 episodes the representation of an intense approaching between the machine and the human being There two types of characters EVA´s and pilots we will analyse the materialization of the two sides of the relation From one side the EVAs representing the machines the element capable to extend on the man to this machine On the other side the pilot of each EVA respresenting the human being in a future where the technology interacts with its cognition a human being that has to reformulate his suject conceptions identity and alterity The object of the study provides us simultaneously the battles a net of mysteries and intrigues happen rising sensible questions and aspects related to the characters´subjectivity It is a complex net that is being unfolded having as a setting another attempt to make the human being prevails Rising other questions such as the alterity the possibility of hybridization between man and machine a new conception of human being and the possible consequences of this hybridization
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Advisor:Rosana Horio Monteiro

School:Universidade Federal de Goiás

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:artes imagem tv universo simbólico cultura de massa


Date of Publication:06/05/2006

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