Ensino de arte na educação municipal de Uberlândia: os impasses metodológicos e a realidade do ensino (1990-2003)

by Campos Araújo, Waldilena Silva

Abstract (Summary)
This work presents a study regarding the teaching of Art in Municipal Schools from 1990 to2003. It is a documental analysis based on Foucault?s archaeology; the documents analyzedwere two Curriculum Proposals (1998 and 2003). 1990 was the initial mark of thesystematization of the teaching of Art in RME, including children?s education and elementarylevel, being the period from 1990 to 2003 characterized by constant debate, definition ofcontents and methodology for teaching Art. When considering that the Municipal CurriculumProposals document is configured as one of the points of the local educational policy, andalso, an unfolding of other points of the national policy, the study is composed of a historicalcourse, looking for detaching the systematization of the teaching of Art in a national scope,entailing the educational phenomenon and other instances, i.e. cultural, politics, andeconomical, of the Brazilian society. Especially, it looked for evidencing the events and theconditions for the emergency of different formative rules of the different ways of teachingArt, which are manifested by several nomenclatures: Artistic education, Art-education, VisualArts, among others. With the analysis of the Curriculum Proposals, that is a result ofcollective efforts of the teachers of the Art?s team in order to define contents andmethodological theoretical foundations, we attempted to answer the following questions: Dothe ruptures and discontinuities in the documents and the relationships established in thoseproductions express clear and intentionally defined actions in the perspective of emancipation,autonomy and non-subjection? Did they achieve changes and real ruptures?
This document abstract is also available in Portuguese.
Bibliographical Information:

Advisor:Humberto Aparecido de Oliveira Guido; Selmo Haroldo de Resende; Gustavo Araújo Batista

School:Universidade Federal de Uberlândia

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Teaching Arqueology Curriculum Policy Education


Date of Publication:08/22/2008

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