En studie om ungdomars uppfattning kring demokrati, rättvisa & framtidstro i Värnamo kommun

by Fält, Hanna

Abstract (Summary)
In the end of the last century the interest for youth politics increased in Sweden. The causes for the increased interest were the more obvious youth politics questions and problems, for example the increased youth unemployment. In 1998 the government wrote down national goals and instructions for the youth politic work in a government bill (1998/99:115). This government bill describes how the youth politic work should be carried at a local level in the municipality.The purpose with this study is to investigate young people, in Värnamo kommun, view of their own situation. The study´s focus lies om three main concept; democracy, justice and faith in the future. To carry through the study, I have used a qualitative method; literature studies and empiricism, in form of interviews with young people and municipal council in Värnamo kommun.In the result of the study you can see that young people in Värnamo kommun quite well are satisfied with ther situation. The young people in the municipality believe in democracy but they really don´t know how to influence in the society. The municipal council tells that politicians are working for better information about how to influence for young people. They are also working to get young people to get more interest in politics. The young people have different background and they are conscious about how that effects their chances in life. The most of the young people have good faith in the future. They are not afraid of the unemployment.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:youth politics young people democracy justice faith in the future värnamo kommun


Date of Publication:11/07/2006

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