SPRÅKUTVECKLINGENS MÅSTEN : En studie om hur omorganisationen av svenska som andraspråk på en gymnasieskola har lett till ökad motivation och därmed språkutveckling

by Zulic, Amra; Niemi, Päivi

Abstract (Summary)
This essay is about the school subject Swedish as a second language and the aim was to document and to evaluate a reorganization of the same at an upper secondary school. The aim was also to evaluate what the students think of their own language development, their views on culture and identity and if their motivation has increased after the reorganization as well as after working with a theme that was about culture. The method that has been used is conversation with the teachers of this subject, a questionnaire and interviews with students who have experienced the reorganization. The results show that the teachers have managed to increase the students’ language development and motivation for the subject by reorganizing it. After the reorganization the teachers have taught on the basis of themes and this study describes one of these, which is called Language, Culture and Identity. This theme has led to an increased awareness for words such as identity, ethnicity and culture. Furthermore, the described reorganization has led to better documentation of the students’ work in class which has turned out to be very helpful, for teachers as well as students. Apart from a better language development the teachers see that the student absence has decreased and the status of the subject has improved among students and teachers of other subjects at the school.
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School:Växjö universitet

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:swedish as a second language motivation identity ethnicity culture documentation


Date of Publication:02/18/2008

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