Hälsobokslut : En studie av tre landsting

by Bäck, Linda; Sittkoff, Robin; Westerberg, Lisa

Abstract (Summary)
Health account is a rather new concept that originates from several different schools of accounting. Due to the high number of sick leaves in Sweden, the government has developed a document with the purpose of reducing the sick leave and the health account is a part of this plan. The purpose of the health account is to make companies and organisations more aware of issues concerning health in the workplace. From this point it is possible to take steps against illness.The purpose is first to describe two different health account models and then compare them to three completed health accounts. The purpose is also to examine the implementation process and to find out if the health accounts have lead to any effects in the county councils.To create an understanding for the expression health account, and to be able to answer the purpose of our thesis, we have used a qualitative method. Both the comparison of the models and the health accounts were realised through studies of literature and reviews of the health acounts. To be able to accomplish the clarification that was given in the purpose, we have conducted interviews with the selected county councils.Those health accounts that we have studied shows that they differ very little from the models. When it comes to the comparison between the health accounts, the main similarities are that they all require cooperation and they are dependent of well working personal administration systems. The main difference between the health accounts is to what extent they have been implemented in the organisation. The difficulties concerning the implementation have varied between the three county councils. The difficulties concern both technical problems and to handle large amounts of information. The health accounts had positive effects on sick leave and has also increased the interest in questions concerning the employees.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:health account human resource accounting


Date of Publication:06/08/2005

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