En undersökning om hur ett företag arbetar för att minska luckan mellan Brand Promise och Brand Delivery

by Olsson, Per-Åke; Wahlström, Daniel

Abstract (Summary)
A trademark is good for the customer in different ways of. First, the trademark shows the origin or the manufacterer of the product or the service. But the most important thing is that it gives the customer a special meaning and hopefully something the customer can identify him- or herself with. If the customer already has information about the trademark he or she doesn´t have to search for that information which is good from an economic point of viewbecause he or she then reduces his search costs.Our purpose with this thesis is to provide an insight in how a company works to minimize the gap between brand promise and brand delivery. We have chosen to work with a local company because we both live in the area, and GavleNet have a current and interesting product. We have used face-to-face and e-mail interviews to collect data and also used relevant literature. We have searched through databases and also in other ways used the Internet. We chose to workwith a model named "Brand Relation Management Model" and it consists of eight phases: vision, culture, identify, define, architecture, engage, capitalize and measure. We will use the first five phases of the model.GavleNet is one of four sphere of activities inside Gävle Energi. The network is built to create a good IT-structure for the residents and companies in Gävle.There has never been a driving force for GavleNet to make money. Instead they want to supply the best possible data communication to the residents, the municipality and the companies. The employees in the company are always attempting to act with honesty and consideration. That is something that is inbuilt in the organization. The employees are working under a so called "hygglo-koncept" which means that they should treat the customers as if theywere their own neighbours. GavleNet doesn´t "sell" anything they can´t deliver, that means that they don´t sell any "up to" subscriptions. In 99,9% of the cases they manage to deliver the promised speed.The result of the empirical study shows that GavleNet doesn´t have a significant gap between brand promise and brand delivery. That depends on the hard work they spend on “hygglo-konceptet” and that they have a well-functioning customer portal and broadband network. However, there are some differences of opinions inside the organization between the marketing and the sales group.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:brand organization management


Date of Publication:02/21/2007

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