En jämförelse av patienters upplevelser av delaktighet, livstillfredsställelse, arbetssituation och sjukvårdskonsumtion efter Strokescreening respektive traditionell vård

by Almén-Åström, Eva

Abstract (Summary)
The aim of this study was that, with focus on experiences of participation and life satisfaction, work situation and consumtion of non institutional care, compare two groups that had participated versus not participated in a stroke program for Strokescreening. A questionnaire was sent retrospective to a consequetive group of people. The results were analyzed with Chi2-test, Mann Whitney-test, T-test, linear regression analyzes and multiple logistic analyze. No significant differences could be shown between the groups even though some tendences were noted. The group who participated in the Strokescreening program experienced less participation in personal care than the group who did not participate. The strokepatients that participated in this study experienced a significant lower level of life satisfaction than a reference group of a normal population of Swedes. There was a prominent difference between the groups about occupation before the stroke. In time of this study there where some higher percentes in the group who participated in the Strokescreening program that had returned to work. Several of the participants in the group that had not participated in the Strokescreening program had a regulary contact with the non institutional care. The results of the present study arouse some questions about the benefit with the Strokescreening program related to the expences. The method of a questionnairy study had some weekness, both in a relatively high level of reduction of participants and a question about the relevace of the questions asked. Therefore, it would be of great interest to make an interview study of this population. It would also be of great interest to examin if there are any differences in the frequency of how many of the participants who gets another stroke in respective group. The purpose of that would be to see if the Strokescreening program has any secondary preventive effect.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:minor stroke life satisfaction participation working situation consumtion of non institutional care


Date of Publication:09/17/2008

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