En Fusions Påverkan : en fallstudie av Nordea

by Dahlgren, Jonas

Abstract (Summary)
Aim: The purpose with this assignment was to see how a merger with four different participants in four countries has affected a large organisation as Nordea. To see the differences in the culture and the problems they caused in the integration process. I also wanted to compare the different manager styles in the different countries and find out if they had an impact on the leadership style in Sweden. Even the mass medium survey during the integration process will be investigated to see their attitude towards the merger.Method: Both secondary- and primary data has been used in this paper. I have studied what other has written about the merger, culture affect and different managerial style which are secondary data. I have also collected my own primary data through interviews with two persons from Nordea. Afterwards I compared the results from the interviews with the theory to get a good understanding how the merger and integration process worked in Nordea.Result & Conclusions: The different cultures included different managerial styles into the merger and a certain adaptation was needed by the managers to make the cooperation work. There are big differences in the way managers leads and that has been confirmed in both theory and empirical studies. Nordea has by the merger grown and are now a big bank and attractive among the big Swedish companies, because they are now can handle Nordic affairs better then others banks.Suggestions for future research: A merger between SEB and Nordea has been discussed in media and it would be interesting to compare the two banks and see how well they fit each other and what the result could turn out to be. Comparing the Nordea merger with another big fusion would be interesting and make it possible to see what was made good and bad in the Nordea merger.Contribution of the thesis: This assignment gives an explanation on how important it is to consider the culture in the other company in a merger. It is important for both parts to learn how and why the managers’ act in the way they do, to be able to modify and develop their own behaviour to facilitate the collaboration.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:merger fusion organisational culture company managerial style integration process and motivation


Date of Publication:02/12/2008

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