Emotional experience and its expression in the house-tree-person drawings of children who witness parental disputes

by Mok, Yam-king

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) Ahtfntcf of iiil'ms eianeJ 'I- nmliiiiial KxpiTieiice and It* I*A predion in the HuiiM.*-Trvv}VrMi| Drawing ftf 1 Iiililrin \\ lnt Wilne .' piltcitlal dispute* Ihiee (t\ao\ were reunited fiiHn a smial semce ctflrtu; und ntifrom llic<.luld I'roieenon IMItey I "nil t't'lHe lltfoj! KulijS I'n'ice Ihc cliiUlivn wcietlirce sand one to) aged sis years (n- M ami twelve tnH 1 ITk pare- ? included Ibrcv mnilu-rs and mie father, aged between >3 i I ? ftw Ml piirtuMpiinK \\iiry firgM u"'inp;n.ibk- uncial toivKpfivurute Parents completed 1.1k fluid Ilch.ivior t'licck]isl;iN .i measure o| die perceived child Adjustment pi obi cm*, billowed b> .i Kcmt-^inwtured mwnie*\ rc&irdinii pjrvnial dispute *..:.u.-a;cr:\lK> .iixl pcii-ened uhikl leuttious. I Ik* children. W th tlk'if p.ncn's absent produced 1111* diauni'j.v and \w>e imervicued reyjulmg Ihcir own perception of parental disputes A qualitative .iii,\vso;iU:>paiee:\u;:UenNiii-s. <. IK"! . mid II I'* dislress indicators \\ ere conducted lor ,'aelt l?< I lie 11111 paUcms were iu*$ii aertv.\ ..II CHwS I his study lias not derived a eouunoti 1I1T pattern lof eltildft'n who witness parental d&pUICttK Uunall sjmple live and limiuitioi" NejeithcWsj*. IUC usefulness c ttw MT1' ai ic\c.dnu; Mibjccliw emotional v*pt7ieikVilui were IK*I readih .'h^ivahk' In olhcis war. evidenced. I luc> muk1\ has alsotonhilnikd to ilk buildine. up of a IIll'd.i'abase lBibliographical Information:


School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:family violence children s drawings psychological aspects parent and child


Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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