Emission of ³He �He and �He particles produce from the interaction of ¹²C with �³Nb at 400 MeV incident energy.

by Mudau, Lufuno Julia

Abstract (Summary)
The inclusive double differential cross sections of 3He, 4He, and 6He particles produced from the interaction of 12C with 93Nb at 400 MeV incident energy were extracted from the prescaled singles spectra which were measured in conjunction with the correlation between 8Be fragments and ? particles. A further aim of this project was to test the detector efficiencies and energy calibrations by comparing the alpha and 8Be prescaled singles data with existing inclusive cross sections of the same reaction. The absolute cross sections of 3He and 6He fragments have been extracted based on the absolute normalization of the alpha particle spectra. A study of the inclusive spectra of 3He and 6He suggest similar features to those seen in the alpha particle spectra. These features are described by the projectile break-up and nucleon coalescence mechanisms. A theoretical model which takes both these mechanisms into account was applied to describe 3He and 6He fragments. The model is able to reproduce reasonably well the inclusive energy spectra of the 3He and 6He fragments. These results are found to be consistent with previous studies of the emission of intermediate mass fragments. U bveledzwa ha zwipida zwa 3He, 4He na 6He kha vhutanganyi ha 12C na 93Nb kha maanda a 400 MeV. Lufuno Julia Mudau iThemba LABS, P. O. Box 722, Somerset West, 7129 Manweledzo Dzi differential cross sections dzo katelaho kavhili dza zwipida zwa 3He, 4 He na 6 He zwo bvaho kha vhutanganyi ha 12 C na 93 Nb kha maanda a 400 MeV dzo bviswa dzi tshibva kha zwi-spectra vhuthihi wo elwaho u thoma zwo kalwa hu tshi katelwa na u vhambedzwa ha 8Be na zwipida zwa 4He zwezwa vhonwa kathihi. Tshipikwa hafhu tsha iyi thandela ho vha hu u linga vhukoni ha detector na tshikalo tsha maanda nga u vhambedza zwidodombedzwa vhuthihi zwo kalwaho u thoma zwa 4He na 8Be, na dzi cross sections dzo katelaho dza vhutanganyi vhu fanaho. Dzi cross sections vhukuma dza zwipida zwa 3He na 6He dzo nulwa ro di tika nga u leludzwa vhukuma ha zwipida zwa 4He. Zwi-spectra zwo katelaho zwa 3He na 6He zwo sumbedza maitele a vhutanganyi a fanaho na o vhonwaho kha zwi-spectra zwa zwipida zwa 4He. Maitele aya ndi u khaukana hatsho poswaho na thanganyo ya dzi-nucleons. Tshifanyiso kholekhole tshi dzhielaho nzhele maitele aya tsho shumiswa u talusa zwipida zwa 3He na 6He. Tshifanyiso itshi tshi kona u vhusa nga ndila i pfadzaho zwi-spectra zwa maanda zwo katelaho zwa 3He na 6He. Mvelelo idzi dzi khou wanala dzi tshi andana na dza kha ngudo dzo fhiraho dza vhubvledzi ha zwipida zwa zwilime-kati.
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School:University of the Western Cape/Universiteit van Wes-Kaapland

School Location:South Africa

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:nuclear physics particles


Date of Publication:01/01/2005

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