Elastic Wave Propagation in Corrugated Wave Guides

by Banerjee, Sourav.

Abstract (Summary)
Elastic Wave propagation in structures with irregular boundaries is studied by transforming the plates with irregular surfaces to sinusoidal wave-guides. Guided elastic wave in a two-dimensional periodically corrugated plate is studied analytically. The plate material is considered as homogeneous, isotropic and linearly elastic. In a periodically corrugated wave-guide, all possible spectral orders of wave numbers are considered. The dispersion equation is obtained by applying the traction free boundary conditions at the two surfaces. The analysis is carried out in the wave-number domain for both symmetric and anti-symmetric modes. Non-propagating ‘stop bands’ and propagating ‘pass bands’ are investigated. Experimental analyses with two different pairs of transducers are also performed and compared with the results from the mathematical analysis. Newly developed semi-analytical DPSM technique has been also adopted in this dissertation to model the ultrasonic field in sinusoidally corrugated plate. Distributed Point Source Method (DPSM) is gradually gaining popularity in the field of Non-Destructive Evaluation (NDE). DPSM can be used to calculate the ultrasonic field (pressure, velocity and displacement in a fluid or stress and displacement in a solid) generated by ultrasonic transducers. So far the technique has been used to model ultrasonic field in homogeneous or multilayered fluid structures. In this dissertation the method is extended to model the ultrasonic field generated in both fluid and solid media. The Prime objective of using DPSM technique in this dissertation is to model the ultrasonic field generated in the corrugated wave guide. This method has 17 never been used to model ultrasonic field in solids. Development of stress and displacement Green's functions in solids are presented. In addition to the wave propagation problem in the sinusoidal wave guide, a few unsolved problems such as ultrasonic field generated by bounded acoustic beams in multilayered fluid structures, near a fluid-solid interface and in flat solid isotropic plates are also presented in this dissertation. 18
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School:The University of Arizona

School Location:USA - Arizona

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