Ekonomisk och sportslig styrning i elitidrottsföreningar : En studie av Jönköpings stoltheter

by Åberg, Tomas; Lofthammar, Christian

Abstract (Summary)
The purpose with the thesis is to describe how elite sport association´s deals with economic and athletic control. From the purpose we are going to analyse how the associations works to reach their objectives. We are also going to investigate which social aspects the as-sociations have in the society.We have chosen to define the thesis to sport associations. The associations we have chosen to work with is the ice hockey association HV71, the soccer association Jonkoping’s Södra IF and the handball association IF Hallby HK which athletically and organisational turns out in different levels where HV71 is the largest one and IF Hallby HK is the smallest.We used qualitative approach where we interviewed respondents from each association. This since we wanted to have a complete and a good comprehension for the chosen subject field.The thesis has shown that the extension of the professionalism in the sport associations are immediate abundant by how large the organisation is and how large the economic turnover the association has. When it comes to the control of the economic the associations has irrespective of the size a follow-up of the economy and budget that in major are equivalent to each other. Further on it has been shown that the further the organisation has been developed the more plain the associations works with pronounced visions and goals in the control of the organisation.When it comes to the sport associations and their social aspects we experience that they are well aware of about their important task to fill through their youth activities. In cooperation with the municipality, the industry and the associations there is a lot left to develop. They all got their special interests but since they are active in the same city they also got common interests. If there are successful associations in the city they contribute to the lo-cal development.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:09/01/2006

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