Efficacy of a whey permeate based sports drink

by Olson, Amie L.

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Olson Amie L. (Writer) (Last Name) (First) (Initial) Efficacy of a Whey Permeate Based Sports Drink (Title) Food and Nutritional Sciences Dr. Gour Choudhury August 2003 41 (Graduate Major) (Research Advisor) (Month/Year) (No. of pages) American Psychological Association Publication Manual (Fifth Edition) (Name of Style Manual Used in this Study) Whey permeate is a by product of the cheese industry and is abundant in valuable nutrients. To our knowledge it has not been used as a base in a sports drink before. The present study was conducted to determine the effectiveness of a whey permeate based sports drink and compare it to a common commercial sports drink and to water. The whey permeate beverage was prepared in University of Wisconsin-Stout food processing lab. The whey permeate beverage was prepared by going through several processes, which include; pasteurization, fermentation, refining, centrifugation and filtration. Four Track and Field athletes volunteered to participate in this study. The athletes followed their usual practice regimen which consisted of one hour of steady running, sprinting, and jumping. Blood draws were taken in three intervals (before exercise, after exercise, and iii 45 minutes after consumption of one of the beverages). The blood samples were taken to a certified laboratory for assessment. The sodium concentrations (139.9-144.1 ppm) were in the expected range and the low standard error coefficient of variation indicated minor differences among the athletes. The data did not indicate any influence of the experimental beverage, water and Gatorade® on sodium concentration of blood. The potassium concentrations (3.9-4.4 ppm) were also within the expected range, but the variations were higher compared to sodium, particularly after beverage consumption. The values for calcium (9.5-10.0 ppm) and magnesium (1.8-2.0 ppm) were very similar for all three beverages. Beverage contribution to blood calcium and magnesium was not apparent. Our research did not show a significant difference among the three beverages (the experimental whey permeate beverage, water, Gatorade®) in their contribution to blood mineral levels. Surprisingly, Gatorade®, a popular sports drink, did not show mineral composition changes in blood after consumption within this particular group. Further studies will be needed to explain the effect of commercial beverages and the experimental whey permeate based sports drink. iv
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