Effektiviserad produktutveckling : Efficient product development

by Larsson, Thorbjörn; Larsson, John

Abstract (Summary)
Background: There are a number of different factors, affecting the product development process at a company. Isaberg Rapid AB develops, manufacture and sell products within three different business areas; office, tools and OEM. This essay focuses on the product development process at the office division of the company; perhaps the most competitively pressured division of the company. The products handled by the division are under hard pressure from competitors on a global basis and fast and effective product launches are highly important to maintain the position on the market. The activities associated with product development combined with a changing market situation have led to certain inevitable factors that deeply affect the efficiency of the product development process. These arguments eventually lead up to the purpose of this thesis.Purpose: The purpose of the thesis is primarily to identify, and point out connections between, factors affecting the development of new products at Isaberg Rapid AB, and secondary to point out failures in the handling of those.Method: using a qualitative method where different employees concerned with product development activities at the company have been interviewed has fulfilled the purpose. Observations to obtain a deeper company insight have also been performed. Theories and models from the frame of reference have been used to analyze the empirical findings systematically in order to understand the purpose. The interviews have been held in a semi constructed way. The results form the interviews have been analyzed with both a general focus and later on specified to the identified subjects.Conclusions: Our study has shown that the balance of the project portfolio in terms of long and short projects with high and low risk could be improved in terms of value and strategic aspects. Product development should be focused on utilizing the project portfolio as a powerful instrument, in order to avoid that the development tendons to choose a wrong project on behalf of others more right ones. Isaberg Rapid must in this manner leading the product development, and be ahead of its competitors by investing in new technology and be willing of taking risks, that the success with Duax has proven right. Effective product development is achieved by allocating the recourses right and provide for a fast time to market cycle, which however insist on a well-functioned product development. Then can the purpose be fulfilled and the objectives achieved totally.
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School:Högskolan i Jönköping

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:product development resource allocation time decision strategy project portfolio


Date of Publication:06/21/2005

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