Effektiv marknadsföring genom segmentering : i ett litet kommunalt bostadsföretag i glesbygd

by Rosén, Anna

Abstract (Summary)
It is important to Ockelbogårdar to have knowledge about different needs by the segments on a market, while they can bring a product into line with consumer needs by marketing. To survey the needs of consumers, demographic segmentation could be in use. It is about to survey the most importent factors or advantages the consumers have in their living environment.The purpose of the essay is to investigate how Ockelbogårdar could make their marketing better against several target groups, in the existing building population, by distribute the consumers into segments. On the basis of the investigation and the segments that will introduces, Ockelbogårdar can offer the consumer a living which fits the indivdual consumer.A poll have been done by the conusmers of Ockelbogårdar. The poll have been delivered by post and a quantity data about the needs of the consumer have been evaluated. Literatur, mainly Kotler, Echeverri and Edvardsson has been studied. Also spontaneous interviews with relevent persons have been made.Conclusion Each part of the three segments that have been investigated, had different needs:1. The pensioner who needs social activities and ask for smaller measure on the private level2. The family with children whose wish a pleasant surroundings to get a better comfort3. The student who wants a increase maintenance in their livingIn the end of the essay an episode with proposals package of measures will be presentated.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:09/02/2007

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