Effektiv Planering enligt Lean Production : En fallstudie på Sandvik Mining and Construction

by Karls, Anna-Lena; Höglund, Linda

Abstract (Summary)
Due to a constantly increasing competitive pressure it is of great importance to constantly strive for improvements in order to gain competitive advantages. Lean Production is a concept that has been introduced with the aim to minimize waste and increase profitability. The purpose of this report is therefore to investigate how to perform effective planning according to the principles of Lean Production, in companys with customer exclusive products, through a case study at Sandvik Mining and Construction (SMC), and to investigate how SMC kan improve their planning of drifting rods at the production unit in Sandviken.The study started by creating a theoretical framework, to describe the subject planning and planning based on Lean Production. This frame work constituted the base for the case study which took place at Sandvik Mining and Construction, and also for the model and planning tool that has been introduced.The result of the study is partly a general model with factors that contribute to a more effective planning. These factors has beed identifed as SMED, which focuses on reducing set up times and in the end to facilitate the planning. With the assistance of the Pareto rule the amount of items can be grouped together and by that simplify production planning. By using the EOQ, optimized order quantities can be calculated, and thereby simplify for production planning. Even the degree of customer order management is something that affects how the planning can be managed as a high degree of customer order management can simplify for the decision making regarding wich product should be produced, however the time through production can increase. Sequensing is another method that simplifies the planning, as an already predetermined production order shall be produced. The most essential factor is however the motivation of the employees, as this forms the base to able other changes and implement them. Altogether these factors are closely connected to each other and working actively with these can contribute with a simplified planning procedure.From without this a tool has been presented in order to simplify the planning of drifting rods at Sandvik Mining and Construction. Through this tool SMC can create a smoother flow through production, a smoother work load, a smoother machine load in the different assembly lines, and in the end reduced adjustment times within the forging press.
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School:Högskolan i Gävle

School Location:Sweden

Source Type:Master's Thesis



Date of Publication:08/19/2008

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