Effects of providing supplemental energy and protein on growth and carcass characteristics of weaned red deer stags (Cervus elaphus ) raised in confinement

by Chicoine, Josée

Abstract (Summary)
EFFECTS OF PROVINDING SUPPLEMENTAL ENERGY AND PROTEIN ON GROIHTH AND CARCASS CHARACTERISTICS OF WEANED RED DEER STAGS (Cemm daphw) RNSED IN CONFINEMENT. MwSc. Jade Chicoine Animal Science The objectives of this study wem to detemine the impact of Wing supplemntal energy and protein on the growth perfonnanœ and on the carcass characteristics of weaned mi deer stags. Forty-eight weaned stags were divided into 8 groups and randomly alfocated to four dietay treatments. Two levels of energy (E) and protein (P), low (L) or high (H) were obtained by aie addition of various amounts of oats and soybean meal (SBM). This trial was d~ded into 2 phases: For the Crrd 32 wks (Phase 1). diets LWLP and HWLP containecl 0.5 and 1 .O kgldemr respectively of oats; diet LWHP consistecl of 0.15 kg of oats and 0.30 kg of SBM, and diet HWHP, of 0.5 kg of oats and 0.35 kg of SBM. In Phase II, the bvel of supplementation was increased while keeping a constant nlationship wiai the body weight of the deer. The animals were group fed, and offered mixeâ hay ad libitum. The animals were weighed every two weeks, over 48 weeks and slaughtered at 90.5 to 100.6 kg body weight. In-sing the energy level in the supplement resuM in a substitution efbd of grain for forage. As a result, there was no diffemnœ in total energy comuimption. For this mason, no diMrsnœ was obsenred (Pr0.05) -n ûmtmenCs for values of ADG or final might. Feding suppiementai protsin over 368 gldmrld didn't improve AûG or liveweight (P>O.OS). There wem no treatment diffeccmces (P>0.05) in estirnates of carcass yidd, kidney fat, or tissue depth (GR). Resuîts indicate that concentrate Ming docw not stimulate overall growth rate.
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Date of Publication:01/01/2000

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