Effects of dietary cation-anion balance (DCAB) associated with different rates of roughage:concentrate ratios in ruminal degradability

by Meirelles, Rodrigo Lemos

Abstract (Summary)
The DCAB effects on dry matter (DM) and crude protein (CP) degradability of soybean meal and DCAB effects on DM and corn meal degradability were investigated in two trials with different rate of roughage:concentrate (experiment 1: 60:40, experiment 2: 40:60). Twelve Holstein calves with ruminal cannula were used in each experiment (91,55 kg and 117,62 kg of mean weight, respectively). Both experiments were conducted at FZEA/USP, Pirassununga/SP. The experimental periods were constituted by 35 days (14 days adaptation and 21 days data collection) with 15 days of interval. It was used completely design, with three treatments and four repetitions. For DCAB manipulation were added ammonium sulfate and sodium bicarbonate in order to achieve the following values: experiment 1: -123, +218, +341 mEq/kg DM, experiment 2: -127, +207, +397 mEq/kg DM. The diet was based on corn silage as forage. The DCAB ratios affected DM and soybean meal CP degradabilities when 60:40 roughage:concentrate ratio were used (P<0,10). DM and corn meal degradabilities were not affected by DCAB ratios (P>0,10), as well as DM and soybean meal CP degradabilities when 40:60 roughage:concentrate ratio were used P<0,10).
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Advisor:Marcia Saladini Vieira Salles; Ives Cláudio da Silva Bueno; Paulo Roberto Leme; Marcia Saladini Vieira Salles

School:Universidade de São Paulo

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords: anion BCAD cation corn DCAB ruminal degradability soybean


Date of Publication:01/27/2005

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