Effect of diets with and without inclusion of screenings of the cashew nut on the consumption of dry and seminal parameters of adult sheep.

by de Medeiros, Michael Nogueira

Abstract (Summary)
Seeking to obtain information on the influence of the inclusion of the bran of the almond of the cashew nut (FACC) on the dry mater consumption and seminal parameters of sheeps under feedlot, sixteen Santa Inês crossbred sheeps, with medium age of 24 months, were randomly distributed to two lots of eight animals each and confined individually. The experimental animals were submitted, initially, to a adaptation period of 15 days. After the adaptation period, the treatments T1 and T2 were initiated, with a total length of 85 (eighty five) days. The T1 was constituted by a feeding based on a isoproteic and isocaloric concentrate with 18% of FACC, that was administered in a proportion of 1,2% of live weight (P. V. ), and roughage (Tifton grass hay) ?ad libitum?. The T2 was constituted with the same isoprotéico and isocalórico concentrate with 0% of FACC. The rations (concentrated) were administered once a day in individual hods. The roughage surpluses were collected and weighted during the whole experimental period. The mean values found for the studied traits were: daily weight gain (T1) 0,068 g and (T2) 0,094 g; total dry mater consumption (T1) 1,255 g + 0,23 and (T2) 1,302 g + 0,22; scrotal circunference (T1) 30,38 cm + 2,26 and (T2) 31,16 + 2,13 cm ; ejaculated volume (T1) 0,9 ml + 0,38 and (T2) 1,0 ml + 0,46; spermatic concentration (T1) 2,44 x 109 and (T2) 3,15 x 109 sptz / ml; massal motility (T1) 3,05 and (T2) 3,24; progressive individual motility (T1) 3,56 + 0,68 and (T2) 3,58 + 0,72; percentage of movable spermatozoids (T1) 69,16 and (T2) 70,31. There were not significant differences (Pgt;0,05) for the different parameters among the two treatments. In this way, it was concluded that the inclusion of 18% of bran of almond of the cashew nut (FACC) in the concentrate, for feed suplementation of sheep sires is viable, tends in view that the parameters studied in the two treatments they were not negatively affected by the presence of FACC.
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Advisor:Ana Cláudia Nascimento Campos; Airton Alencar de Araújo; Marcos Cláudio Pinheiro Rogério

School:Universidade Federal do Ceará

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:Of cashew nut, dry-consumption


Date of Publication:03/30/2005

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