Effect of cantonese concepts on comprehension of standard Chinese words in beginning readers : an exporatory study

by Ma, Lai-yin

Abstract (Summary)
(Uncorrected OCR) ^STHAC'T Sore iB'ectr: of Downing' r. cor-niL-'ve clarity theory of leflrnin.n* to rm':- ars rrc^mineri nt concep.tusT Le-val. Tt in 3.rru(;il that ? n result o" 1:he ?*\tT.JljT co^nh frp.'"-'r..-., The relntion-ph.i'ps between [ 1) tfln "lr'-""re of j>/?ifl'Tfin'eSs to "onri in [Tonr Konr V/r^inr1. i r.? rentiers Jtftd hhn ferrr^; of 'hoir ur.r:or,_;r:m-rSin^ of the rnirnorn r>''' \-ir i.t \ i?.n tfOirdfi ! !W*9 ( ;>) the 5:ejjr:? of their t-reriPTMrlnerr to re-"! r\r\J the ways they .^xtmct mnjrminn; fr'or': v.'ritten vo*-'\: s'err MaiHi&d oyjinr'.nnrt.'il 1 y. Tt La Pcitttrl that ht>;r inni itjj r'B-ader-s who a-re ^or^ -.riirriuint^ly irRnr"T": by tfssd-1 !?amin.^ in kiivlnr"''1^1 :<>? ftj*e *nv emo'v: ; ve fro WTif-tefl v: o T-rl r> an r:rrin in^^is i^r,-1 ^h c UYti fc fhnn the "l^sr ?rlenu-i te ' y ri^T?7 " ri"1 :\ np.;"1'" , ,nhf? h t -ijn F-]-| pi ;:; i ; p i I 41 ''f^^^yi^o^ ] ["! hhp OXtr."-^? LOfl (if rr.'^oLr,- rror v.'fiH ,o.i '-.o--'" '?? I t-'frnr" !'" roro ''HertU-fl ir.i y nfjjjfinreH hfl/rismfiFri nnri Pile '  .....f^u^tfjly pritv r-o:: onnr: ^"o not ETlfJUOTftGrt, T'hfl nnnc 1U r; > or' ir, --'i:!o ' >: " the Jj'.tmTy of w^iin,it5!- reartinr: in Iionr I-.onc children wouli! hava to start aa r.onn $m n chili? be^in.^ his Chinee \iorti recorni tion i ;i Kinrtercnrten.
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School:The University of Hong Kong

School Location:China - Hong Kong SAR

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:chinese language study and teaching china hong kong cantonese dialects


Date of Publication:01/01/1983

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