Effect of Examination Stress on Some Biochemical Parameter in Academic Students

by Al-badrie, Mohammed MAhdi Sami, MS

Abstract (Summary)
Objective: Examination stress is a common and widespread phenomenon for students, so the main aim of this study was to check the effect of temporarily examination stress on some biochemical parameters in sera of academic students. Methods: A total of 55 apparently healthy undergraduate students were enrolled in this study. A blood sample was collected in two times from each student, at a written exam (E-day) and at the normal day (N-day). The serum Cp concentration, Cp ferroxidase activity, totla protein, glucose, alpha amylas activity and some trace element ( Fe, Cu, and Zn ) were measured by spectrophotometry, and atomic absorbtion technique . The results were compared between E-day and N-day. Results: Significantly decreases (p<0.05) were found in the serum Cp concentration, Cp ferroxidase activity, and total serum copper for all students. The total serum iron was significantly decreased (p<0.05) in the female group. Conclusion: Cp ferroxidase activity was significantly decreases in E-day compared with N-day in response to releasing iron that accumulate in liver. It may be an indicator of increasing oxidative stress in sera of students in examination stress; also serum copper was significantly decreased in all undergraduate students in this comparison in response to antioxidant role of Cp.
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Advisor:jwan abdolmohseen zainulabdeen

School:Jami'at Baghdad

School Location:Iraq

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:examination stress, cp ferroxidase, trace element

ISBN:ssid 28345LI

Date of Publication:04/11/2016

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