The Effect of Brand Loyalty for Customer in Publishing Industry of English Teaching of English Teacher Training Activities¡V With Oxford University Press (Taiwan Branch) English Teacher Training Seminar As an example.

by Chen, I-chi

Abstract (Summary)
Abstract Because the government¡¦s control over the publishing industry of English teaching has loosened, foreign companies start to set up agencies in Taiwan. In addition, due to more attention on English education by the public in recent years, the potential market of the publishing industry becomes larger; publishing companies try to share the benefit of the huge market, so the competitions in the industry also become extremely drastic. The foreign publishing company has kept higher market share until the chain of cram school raised and the native advantages plus tricks used by the local publishing companies. Thus, the foreign publishing companies now face a big challenge of ¡§live or die¡¨. The structure of the thesis is focused on the marketing mix of Oxford University Press (Taiwan Branch). The outset is the motivation, and a questionnaire is designed to investigate the six dimensions of marketing mix including seminar, product, price, promotion, place and loyalty. The interview was also carried out to complement and intensify the empirical analysis. The result is used to build the constructive marketing strategy for Oxford University Press (Taiwan Branch) to offer the reference of the company¡¦s business strategy. The results came from the research are: 1.For the most participators, their motivation of participation is increasing their teaching experiences. 2.Participators are highly satisfied with the teacher training seminar and all the factors are over 70%. 3.If participators have high satisfaction with entirely teacher training seminar, they are willing to continue to participate in the seminar, and will recommend the seminar to other people. 4.Participating in the teacher training seminar and buying teaching products have high correlation. 5.Participators are unsatisfied with promotion activities, but the satisfaction with product, price and place are over 65% Keyword: marketing mix, publishing industry of English teaching, loyalty, satisfaction, teacher training seminar.
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Advisor:Hueimei Liang; Tai-Hwa Chow; Fu-Duh Tu

School:National Sun Yat-Sen University

School Location:China - Taiwan

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:satisfaction marketing mix teacher training seminar publishing industry of english teaching loyalty


Date of Publication:06/24/2008

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