Efeito do 7,12 dimetilbenzantraceno (DMBA) e de dietas lilidicas sobre a atividade da ATPase mitocondrial e a composição dos acidos graxos do lipideos de mitocondrias do tecido mamario de ratos

by Samico Cavalcanti, Tereza Cristina

Abstract (Summary)
Female virgin rats Sprague-Dawley (50-60 days old), were injected, i.p., with 20 mg/ml of 7,12-dimethylbenzenanthracene (DMBA) and fed semipurified and isocaloric diets, containing 12% of sunflower seed oil (rich in AGPI n-6) or 12% of sardine oil (rich in AGPI n-3), during 30 or 63 days. During the experimental time alI groups of rat, present few alterations on the gain of body weights. Rats fed sunflower seed oil showed, more severe histological alterations in the mammary tissues after DMBA treatment in comparasion to controls and to sardine oil. ATPase activity mammary mitochondria were a1ter in function of time, diet and DMBA treatment , after 30 or 63 days, respectively. ATPase of control animaIs of sunflower seed oil diet were 17,2 i 6,4 and 40,3 i 2,0 units of ATPase activity (p<0,01), and after DMBA tre atment we found 33,1 i 21,4 and 70,0 i 19,2 units of ATPase activity (p<0,01) after 30 or 63 days, respectivelYi the specificNP ase of control animaIs fed ardine oil, were 37,6 i 9,2 and 50,3 -98-f 25,8 units of specific ATPase (N.S.), and after DMBA treatment, were 40,2 f 16,0 and 59,2 f 15,3 units of ATPase (p<0,01)." In sun flower seed oil group, after 30 or 63 days of DMBA treatment we bbserved an increase of 92% (p<0,01) and 88% (p<0,01), respective ly in comparisionto controls. In sardine oil group the alterations caused by DMBA treatment after 30 or 63 days in comparasion of controls group was not significant. There was not impoEtant alterations on total saturated fatty acid (SFA), and total monounsaturated fatty acid (MUFA) contents on mammary mitochondriaI lipids of two diets group. The total n-6 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) and n-3 fatty acids of mitochondrial lipids sunflower seed oil were higher than sardine oil group in function of time. DMBA treatment cause an increase in the SFA contents, and on the n-6 PUFA contents in sunflower seed oil group, mainly increasing linoleic acid and eicosatrienoic acid but noarachildonic acid. However, in the sardine oil group it was observed the reversal event, increasing n-3 PUFA after DMBA treatment
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Advisor:Quivo S. Tahin; Quivo S. Tahin [Orientador]

School:Universidade Estadual de Campinas

School Location:Brazil

Source Type:Master's Thesis

Keywords:mitocondria membranas citologia


Date of Publication:04/14/1986

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